The following individuals have committed to coach with Roanoke United Volleyball for the upcoming 2020 season. As more coaches commit to RUV and more Coach Bio info is received, this page will be updated accordingly. Initial coaching assignments will be posted to the Teams Page very soon. Some coaches below will be head coaches, some will be assistant coaches, and some will serve as "floaters" to assist multiple teams throughout the season, often with "position-specific" training. All coaches will be required to pass background checks administered by USAV Volleyball and the Old Dominion Region and also must complete the necessary coaching certification classes prior to the season.

We are pleased to announce coaching assignments for the 2019-20 season:

  • 18 Red - Head Coaches - Blair Trail & Randy Klostermann

  • 18/17- Head Coaches - Morgan Sirbaugh, Asst. Coach Buck Boswell

  • 17 Red - Head Coach - Josh James, Asst Coach Cadie Castle

  • 16 Red - Head Coach - Dave McGee, Asst. Coach Sarah Hammond

  • 16 White - Head Coach - Deon Matthews, Asst. Coach Olivia Newman

  • 15 Red - Head Coach - Carla Ponn, Asst. Coach Sage Beddingfield

  • 15 White - Head Coach - Tim McSherry, Asst Coach James Eaton

  • 15 Blue - Head Coach - Tori Clinevell, Asst .Coach TBD

  • 14 Red - Head Coach - Maggie Newman, Asst Coach Richard Scott

  • 14 White - Head Coach - Erika Hoffman, Co-Head Coach Heather Mckee

  • 14 Blue - Head Coach - Nathan Matthews, Co-Head Coach Lauren Sigmon

  • 13 Red - Head Coach - Davina Copsy, Asst Coach Malaysha Ferguson

  • 12 White - Coaches - Dave Mcgee, Maggie Newman, Davina Copsy

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